How do you persuade customers to use your services to interact?

Our solution

We create greater customer engagement by offering more dynamic ways to connect.

Our products

  • Free / premium shortcode rentals

    If you’re interested in connecting and interacting with local audiences, we can offer you shared or dedicated access numbers in several countries that can be used to deploy pull or push SMS and call services.

  • SMS voting

    Our VOTING software collects and counts votes for contests like Pageant, as well as for any other competition that needs to have people send a keyword via SMS in order to vote for one of the contest’s participants. Our solution provides an easy-to-use interface to monitor traffic and to see the winners of the votes.

  • SMS chat

    If you’re looking for a great way to provide SMS Chat, our innovative SMS-based chat solution was developed to provide flexibility and convenience to mobile phone users. If you’re an operator and wish to provide SMS access to chat rooms – as well as chat over Instant Messenger services to your subscribers – this solution is for you. Create a virtual community effect with this SMS-based chat solution at a very low cost to the user.