How do you optimize your customers’ payment transactions?

Our solution

Provide customers with the tools they need to put them in total control of all their payment needs.

Our products


    Customization and technical support for all Postilion related Payments.

  • POS


    POS Monitoring and Management Solution  to manage and monitor the entire POS network for all major POS vendors.


    AGRIPAY is a solution developed to facilitate the farming sector. By this method of payment, the producers or the sellers can follow at distance their various transactions, post their offers and keep attached with the others farmers.


    DIGIPAY PHARMA is a solution connected to the healthcare sector, to fluidify the payment of medecine in pharmacies everywhere without supplying effort. This solution is a product of DigiPay, secure platform of payment accessible to all.


    Service related to the education system, DIGIPAY SCHOOL through his platform DigiPay puts in relationship, school infrastructures, parents and students in the follow up of the school fees. Moreover, you are exempted of the problems of currencies and endless queue. Using this service, you will be able to access the data (student’s performance, registration forms, school activities etc.…) of your children.


    Mainly used in the service industry, DIGIPAY SERVICES helps customers to pay and be delivered a service on the spot or at a differed stage.

    Now, it becomes easy to pay for a ticket and access a service like: hotel, restaurants, stadium, transports with our digipay service.


    In Africa the collective approach of money problems is a predominant thought: weddings, setting up a project, paying for medical service, etc… DIGIPAY COLLECT makes it possible for customers to take part in the collective efforts.


    From insurance premium to utility services (electricity, water) or tax clearance, DIGIPAY BILL handles everything and turns payment into a pleasant game. Customers can pay on time, and companies get their revenues without spending money on bill collection.