Telco solutions

Whether it’s messaging, voice or data solutions, at DAT we can offer you the best mobile solutions to serve all of your digital telecom needs.


Content solutions

Need to offer a swift and seamless way to keep customers up-to-date with all the latest news and information? We offer a wide variety of infotainment services to keep customers informed both quickly and easily.

Reading the newspaper is old school – it’s better to stay current with M-News.

Mobile subscribers are now able to access all of their favorite news articles on their phones. Local and international news agencies trust our Content Delivery Platform to send news alerts and information because they know that we offer a reliable and streamlined way of delivering content.


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Campaign tools

Looking for a compelling way to engage with your customers?
We offer a broad range of incentives and services to keep them coming back for more, including loyalty programs and promotions.

Loyalty Programs
Interactions and tokens of appreciation can help sweeten the relationship between you and your customers.

As well, mobile loyalty programs help bring banks and mobile network operators closer to their customers. At DAT, we offer just the right solutions to make this happen.

Promotions are a great way to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers. Whether a mobile operator is looking for an interactive SMS campaign or a way to increase overall usage, we have just the right solution – Usage Booster. By using a complex algorithm to analyze usage trends and habits, we are able to offer the most relevant prizes and incentives to customers.

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Financial Services

Interested in helping to accelerate your customers’ transactions? We offer state-of-the-art payment tools, including mobile, bill and staff bulk payment options.

Payment tools

Interactive games

Looking to bring a little fun into the lives of your customers?
We offer a variety of engaging interactive games that can brighten up anyone’s day.

We offer a wide range of interactive games where you can win exciting prizes such as cash, houses, cars, goodies and more.

  • DIGIGAMES is a mobile gaming platform enabling Lottery Associations to deliver mobile versions of lottery games.
  • TRIVIA is an SMS/USSD based question and answer game. Mobile subscribers use their phone to answer questions and try to win one of the prizes on offer.

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