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GES2016 is a worldwide entrepreneurship summit. Every year, it brings together many of the world’s top entrepreneurs to share ideas and network. This year, the University of Stanford in Silicon Valley, California, hosted the 7th edition from June 22nd to the 24th.

Over 700 entrepreneurs from all the world took part in the summit, among them, four representatives of Cote d’Ivoire including Mr Simplice ANOH, Founder and CEO of DIGITAL AFRIQUE Group.

This year, the stakes were high. We noticed the presence of many officials including the United States President, Barack Obama and his secretary of state John Kerry. Other big names were also there including Mark ZUCKERBERG, Founder of Facebook, Travis KALANICK Ceo of Uber, Reid HOOFMAN founder of Linked’in and Bryan CHESKY from Airbnb.

During his stay, Mr SIMPLICE ANOH had the opportunity to exchange with many world renowned entrepreneurs such as Mr Peter Diamandis, founder of SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY, which is a think-tank and incubation centre for companies.

GES2016 was the opportunity for DAT to show to the world what it is capable of and why it will soon become the number one mobile services company in Africa.

Who is DAT and what do we offer?

Our CMO, Sidick Bakayoko, presents the company and the product portfolio.

DAT was at the Africa Telecom People (ATP)

ATP is an event initiated by RESEAUX TELECOM NETWORK a pan African magazine. This exhibition brings together key players in the telecommunication space throughout Africa.

Every year, this event provides an opportunity to reward individuals as well as companies which have demonstrated excellence in the telecom area.

As a local company, DAT wanted to be present and to showcase all his solutions. This is the second edition that we attend and it was held on October 8 and 9 of 2015.

JNTIC2015 and the Innovation enablers!

JNTIC2015 (National Information and Communication Technology Days) is one of the biggest technology event in Cote d’Ivoire. After fifteen (15) years, it remains a great platform to exchange on various technology topic and to meet the other companies in the space. Organized by the UNETEL (Union Nationale des entreprises de télécommunications), it hosts Mobile Telcos, Internet Services Providers, national and international experts, independents, hardware and software suppliers, service providers, solutions integrator, etc.

Every year, more than 5000 visitors attend this event and DAT is an exhibitor. Given the attendees, it is a great opportunity to show our know-how as well as our breakthrough technology.

Find some images during the 2015 edition at the Sofitel Abidjan.