Looking for ways to make your call system work for you?

Our solution

Provide an environment that keeps customers easily connected to you and always within immediate reach through dedicated services.

Our products

  • Push Voice

    Push Voice is an easy solution for sending a pre-recorded message to a group of users. The service offers a better and more streamlined way to communicate with your customers – they receive a regular phone call and when they pick up, they hear your pre-recorded message.

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

    DAT’s IVR allows companies to create an information hub and host messages that will be listened to by anyone calling the dedicated number.

    Several banks use our IVR solution in French and in local languages. Their customers call our IVRs to listen to their bank balance as well as the latest transactions they have made on their bank account.

    Key factors of our IVR products:

    • Our platforms can include several E1 cards, allowing us to easily upgrade the number of simultaneous calls possible at the same time.
    • The applications developed are encrypted and protected against any unlicensed usage.
  • Call Center

    DAT has the technical know-how needed to provide local Call Centers with the best customer care.

    It’s a powerful and efficient tool, especially useful for telemarketing and customer loyalty operations.

    This solution is especially valuable for:

    • Customer support services
    • After sales services
    • Market investigations
    • Qualification of client data
    • Communication campaigns

    With Digi Call Center, you can personalize your offerings to make a real and positive difference to your customers.

  • Call Forwarding

    In today’s global economy, you need to be able to reach the world wherever you are – and at a reasonable price.

    We work with several multinational companies that need to have the option of offering local numbers that forward calls overseas (e.g. to their Call Centers). This is an easy and efficient way to increase productivity and provide greater customer satisfaction.