Software Development and Integration

Need support and technological expertise?
We offer expert service and advice for software development and integration solutions.

Nowadays, various types of projects require technology experts to help implement and deploy services quickly.

We have a strong team of highly skilled developers who are able to conceptualize, develop and manage programs in languages such as Python, Java, PHP, etc.

Having access to the best software is crucial – having someone close by to assist you with it is even more important. This is why DAT has a license to integrate solutions from major technology companies.


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Mobile app development

Need a specialized mobile app?
Our technology experts can tailor-make one just for you.

Mobile phones are now ubiquitous and it’s therefore of great importance for companies to digitalize their operations and services. With the power of smart phones, it’s now also possible to use mobile applications to reach customers faster than ever before – delivering services directly to their fingertips.

DAT can provide companies with the kind of mobility they need for today’s digital world by designing and building customized mobile apps tailored to their needs.

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Financial solutions

Is financial modeling, revenue collection and data analysis of crucial importance to your business? Regardless of your business or area of expertise, we offer several solutions to help bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds especially when it comes to financial solutions.

For Mobile Operators, we know how important it is to control churn and to find new ways of increasing loyalty.

For Content Producers and Application Developers, we understand the need to monetize content.

For Banks, we understand how vital it is for their customers to be able to obtain their financial information as quickly and easily as possible.

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Lottery solutions

Can you leave playing the lottery up to chance?
Not when it comes to making the systems work effectively. At DAT, we have the skills and technology required to make Lottery Solutions a sure bet for our customers.

Over the past several decades, Lottery Associations have shown that gaming is a part of human society and culture regardless of location. Whether it’s a scratch card or a slot machine, people are eager to play for a chance to have a better life.

Africa is no different. Yet the distinct challenges faced by African players are significant.

That’s why at DAT we use our African mobile technology expertise to search for the best ways of reducing the time and effort needed to play lottery games. To achieve this, we are working hand-in-hand with Lottery Associations to transform physical games into digital games and developing solutions that aim to provide players with convenience and flexibility. Not only that, we are also providing players with a full 360-view of all the games being launched. When it comes to Lottery Solutions, we don’t leave anything up for chance.

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